If these walls could talk

2016 will be long remembered by most of my family as the year they didn’t see much of me. The exception would be my dad, whom, I am not ashamed to say I still call daddy. We spent more time together in the late spring, summer and fall of 2016 than we have since my childhood and the result of that time is the yoga studio I now have the privilege of sharing with you. Most days from the first week of June until the last week of November, my dad would arrive bright and early and would be well into his work by the time I arrived home after teaching a morning yoga class. I could always count on being greeted by his warm smile and a “Mornin’ kiddo.” Sometimes I was in and out all day, teaching classes or chauffeuring kids to various summer activities, sometimes there were other helpers for a few hours here and there, but always, my dad was here, working tirelessly to help his youngest daughter bring a dream to life. I always knew that my father was a true craftsman, and I knew that he took pride in his work whether it was for a paid job or a project that he or my mom wanted done, but what I never realized until working by his side, is that every piece of material my dad handles, becomes infused with his love.

It has been almost two years since I opened the doors of my studio, and a LOT has changed. Currently, several other amazing teachers are holding the reigns while my family and I settle into our new normal; my husband and I welcomed a baby girl in June and now, in addition to having two busy teenagers at home, we have the joy of a new baby as well. What remains the same, though, and what I hear again and again from students that come to practice within this space that my dad and I built from the ground up, is that there is love in these walls–you can feel it upon entering the studio. The love that a father has for his daughter, her love for her daddy, the love she has for the practice that changed her life and for her husband, who introduced her to it, and the love she has for sharing it with others. It’s all here, in this space, and it grows with each person that walks through the door because the walls absorb the love in their hearts too, so there’s a little bit more each day.

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