Nestled in the trees on a hilltop just outside the city limits of Frankfort, Michigan, Discover YOU Yoga and Fitness is a boutique yoga and fitness studio offering individual 
and small group yoga and fitness instruction.


The reasons that people come to yoga are many, and the reasons that people continue coming are even more numerous. One thing remains true for all who practice, though, and that is that yoga leads to self inquiry and thus self discovery. Whether you’re an avid practitioner, a beginner, or anywhere in between, I invite you to a different type of yoga experience.  The intentionally small space ensures a low student-to-teacher ratio so you’ll never feel like just another face in the crowd, and the private, boutique-style business model provides an entirely different kind of experience than you’d have in a commercial studio. Check out the schedule here and sign up today to begin or continue your journey of self discovery at Discover YOU Yoga and Fitness.




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